Aurelia Durant

Art Law

Our clients in the art world, including collectors, museums, galleries, and foundations are attended to in our practice in art law. Our practice aids in cases entailing wills and the distribution of art objects, as well as in taxes for corporations with art investments. Intellectual property and international law, broad fields of expertise in our […]

Beauty Law

High end cosmetics constitute a major part of the industry for luxury items, being affiliated with the fashion business as well. The importance of brand names requires considerations in beauty law of patents for the created cosmetic products and trademarks in the marketing of such products. Copyright law is relevant to the art and designs […]

Fashion Law

As the fashion industry has grown enormously in size and scope, a growing group of legal practitioners have accumulated insights and legal principles, created a whole new concept: Fashion Law! It undoubtedly preaches gospel to the numerous fashion companies and brands. While being amazed by the splendidness of African bead crafts and brocade fabrics since […]


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Brand Enforcement/Litigation

AMD LAW prosecutes intellectual property infringement on behalf of clients and also defend clients from intellectual property infringement lawsuits. If you are in a position where someone is infringing on your intellectual property rights or has claimed you are infringing on their trademark or copyright, please contact AMD LAW for a complimentary initial consultation. For […]

Trademark Opposition Proceedings

All trademark applications go for a 30 day period of opposition where the mark is published in the Official Gazette. This means that anyone (another person or company) can oppose the registration of an application. The trademark opposition process is  to give third parties a chance to oppose an application that the trademark office would […]

Brand Policing

After your brand is registered, monitoring it is the next step. Failure to protect your brand from dilution is a serious matter and requires immediate attention. As a trademark owner, your ongoing responsibility is to guard your creative ingenuity as if it were an invaluable asset. With that said, consider the resources and time that […]

Luxury Law Firm

Luxury Law Firm

AMD LAW   |   Luxury Law Firm Luxury Law Firm is a division of the premier international trade law firm AMD LAW. The area of luxury law incorporates industry-specific legal interests in fashion law, beauty law, design law, art law, leisure law, and entertainment and sports law. From inventors, innovation leaders, start-ups, small businesses […]



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About Us

About Us

AMD LAW GROUP is a family of organizations that contains AMD LAW, AMD GLOBAL Consulting and IS MY BRAND PROTECTED?  AMD LAW is a law firm the specializes in international trade law, internet law, international property law, and corporate compliance trade regulations.   AMD GLOBAL Consulting provides international business/intellectual property strategy consulting services. IS MY […]

Aurelia Mitchell Durant

Aurelia Mitchell Durant, an attorney and senior partner and founder of AMD Law, is a Philadelphia native and graduate of Temple University and Rutgers University School of Law, who specializes in international business law, corporate law, internet law, and intellectual property law. In 2009, Durant founded AMD Law and manages a staff of attorneys and […]

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