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Art Law

Our clients in the art world, including collectors, museums, galleries, and foundations are attended to in our practice in art law. Our practice aids in cases entailing wills and the distribution of art objects, as well as in taxes for corporations with art investments. Intellectual property and international law, broad fields of expertise in our […]

Entertainment Law

The entertainment sector of our leisure law practice secures the rights and properties of artists in music, film, and television, evolving industries propelled by creative output in pace with popular culture via various media of extensive, even worldwide influence. To match the degree of innovation, activity and reach of artists’ works in entertainment, our practice […]



  AMD LAW is a law firm that specializes in Intellectual Property Law, International Trade law, Internet law, International property law, and Corporate Compliance trade regulations. It is a corporate partner of AMD GLOBAL CONSULTING and IS MY BRAND PROTECTED?. This division of AMD LAW GROUP handles all legal matters. It has patent agents and […]