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AMD LAW GROUP Primary Services



      • Trademark search, opinions, application, prosecution and registrations in the US and in the affiliate countries.
      • Trademark registration renewals, assignments, agreements and agreement review, enforcing rights on infringing goods within the country, being imported/ exported in the US and in the affiliate countries.
      • Cease and Desist Letters: Demand letters to cease and desist unauthorized use of the protected trademark. Typically viewed as a precursor to litigation.
      • Pre-litigation review: Detailed analysis of the merits of trademark litigation. This review also explores of modes of resolution such as International Trade Commission claims and Customs Bureau trademark enforcement actions.
      • Consultation on any Trademark or business related services.
      • Professional training, workshops and learning sessions in the fields of Intellectual Property and International Business.



      • Copyright Registration: Copyright registration gives public notice of your rights to your work and it gives you the right to sue for infringement and collect damages
      • Copyright Search: A thorough search to identify whether identical or similar works are registered with the copyright office. Also includes a search of public records to find similar works. The search result is accompanied by a legal analysis and opinion on the protectability of your work.
      • Copyright infringement review: Determining whether or not a work infringes on a copyright is a complex process that involves analyzing the works at issue, reviewing legal cases in applicable states and federal courts, applying appropriate tests for infringement, and providing a legal summary of options and anticipated results.
      • Copyright Infringement Litigation



      • Certified Patent search and opinion
      • Certified Freedom to Operate and patentability report
      • Preparation of Information Disclosure Forms
      • Patent prosecution
      • Proof-reading patent documents; patent drafting
      • Foreign and International filings  



      • Contract review (domestic and international)
      • Contract drafting (domestic and international)
      • Drafting licensing agreement



      • Drafting Website terms and conditions
      • Comprehensive Website legal review



  • Market research for the brand based on specific guidelines provided by the client
  • Legal research on similar brands to understand the validity and scope of brand in question
  • Background research of Intellectual Property associated with a brand
  • Strategic research and product development
  • Conducting research in concentrated areas and directions as requested by the client
  • Evaluating brand value based on the associated Intellectual property



  • General Intellectual Property Portfolio review
  • General Intellectual Property Portfolio Management
  • Patent Portfolio Management


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  • Trademark Strategy: Trademark strategy provides guidance towards achieving sustainability and everlasting values to a brand. It safeguards the brand and helps to navigate around the global pitfalls of inter-cultural brand communication.
  • Pre-patent novelty search: provides a comprehensive output of the results available at the most primary database. The guidelines will include notes on how to modify the invention from a probable patent grant point of view.
  • Pre-patent report: comprises of a comparative study of inventions closely similar to the client’s invention, in order to understand the path adopted by the patent office in granting, rejecting or opposing those applications.
  • Invention modification report: This is a very useful service when a client has an idea, or has formulated an invention but is unsure of patenting and even if the inventor believes it is patentable.
  • Global entrepreneurship consulting- this service would provide establishment advice to U.S. and international start-ups.
  • Corporate formation and consultation: Setting up a scalable business or a born global entity at the onset is possible at corporate formation. The corporate consultation will assist in solid fundamental formation.
  • Evaluation of Social entrepreneurship (includes market research) Social entrepreneurship is more that just an “on trend” buzz phrase, it is the evolution of global business.
  • The luxury product/service market is a multi-billion-dollar segment year after year. Global luxury portfolio management service is tailored towards the market and address concerns from brand enforcement to counterfeit exports.