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By Sindy Ding-Voorhees, www.amdlawgroup.com

We are proud of our fashion brand Client —— Gregorio Sanchez —— for successfully presenting his 2016 Spring/Summer collection at Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week.

This is the brand’s second time showcasing at New York Fashion Week. Both times were cooperated with the prestigious bi-coastal fashion platform Art Hearts Fashion, which was founded in 2011 by philanthropist and designer Erik Rosete, and now is a leading platform especially for international designers and artists to showcase their collections.

Client Gregorio Sanchez is a well-known fashion brand in Mexico, and he has been focusing on developing business to the U.S. and China. AMD LAW, as the Client’s on-going legal representative, has been providing the brand continuous legal support, including counseling on corporate formation, international trademark portfolio management, and negotiating commercial agreements with oversea companies for the fashion brand’s expanded international businesses. By working closely with our client designer, our fashion attorneys commit time in understanding the client’s business, evaluating the business goal for the brand, and providing the optimized plan to safeguard the brand and designer’s interests while it grows.




1&2: The showcase was hosted at the historical venue, Vanderbilt Hall of Grand Central Terminal in NYC.

3: Client invited our attorney Sindy Ding-Voorhees, Esq. to watch the fashion show on site. The designer wore a t-shirt printed with “Donald Sucks”. Photo taken at the back stage after the show.




The Client’s clothes for spring/summer 2016 consistently embrace originality, brightness and delicateness. The designer uniquely incorporates hand embroidery which is similar to the Chinese floral brocade into the design. Those exotic touches along with the bold patterns and accessories make the collection really outstanding.



In addition, the designer’s signature design element and bold accessories, continues to shine in this season. The feather shape brooch belts, the exaggerating flower bows make the looks more playful. The crop top long gowns in bright color orange and turquoise, along with the fine hand embroidery pattern, successfully interpret the mix of modern and ancient, clean and artsy. And lastly, the flowy, silky fabric makes the looks more feminine and romantic.


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To conclude, Fashion provides a fabulous stage to express a designer’s statement. Every piece, every look deserves applause because it consists of the designer’s intelligence, talent, execution, hours and hours of hard work. We fashion attorneys, witness the designer’s ambition, pursuit of perfection, and anxious intention to bring beauty and styles to more consumers. With upmost respect to the fashion designers’ work, we are committed to help the fashion community in protecting designers’ intellectual property rights, foster and strengthen fashion brands by building IP strategies domestically and internationally, seek and facilitate the most suitable licensing or distributorship deals for the brands who have global visions.

AMD LAW applauds your shiny moments as well as safeguarding your intellectual property value and brand strength.

* Legal Clerk Sally Ruhiu also contributed to this article

Photo credit: first 6 taken by Sindy Ding-Voorhees; last 4 by Bob Cox / Art Hearts Fashion


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