Self-Proclaimed Beats Co-Founder Being Sued by Apple

The recent purchase of Beats Electronics by Apple for $3 billion has left self-proclaimed Beats co-founder Steve Lamar in the dust. Last week, Apple (Beats Electronics, LLC—“Beats”) filed a lawsuit against Lamar claiming false advertisement and unfair competition. Beats contends Lamar has falsely claimed that he is a co-founder of the company, with Dr. Dre (Andre Young) and Jimmy Iovine. The company further asserts that Lamar has never had an ownership interest in Beats Electronics, LLC.

Lindsay Lohan’s Shopping App Thwarted

A lawsuit was filed in the New York Supreme Court by the founder of Spotted Friend, a company that offers a search engine tool in which people may find and purchase items found in pictures their friends have posted or shared with them. Spotted Friend has brought the action against Lindsay Lohan, her younger brother Michael Lohan, Jr., and Vigme, Inc (Vigme)

Preserving Originality in Branding through Trademark Protection

By Ozelle Martin |
Originality is the cornerstone for building a formidable identity for a brand. Marketers, branding professionals, entrepreneurs and the like spend a great deal of time brain-storming the elements that would ensure that a brand is memorable and readily identifiable by its consumers and potential consumers. Furthermore, the originality of a brand’s identify is the greatest reputational asset that any business can possess and it must be preserved and protected.