George Washington University Law School Creates Unisex Restrooms

Originally posted 2016-10-12 12:29:38. By: Marvin Hooker | Editor: Kristen Daly | Restrooms that are characterized as non-gender are becoming more popular.  Anna Stolley Persky documents this societal change in an ABA Journal article.  According to Persky, George Washington University facilitated these changes by creating four unisex restrooms in its law school.  Initially, the […]

Going Global: Don’t Get Lost in Translation

By Diana Chan |
As businesses go global, catering to the local culture becomes an enormous factor in the success of the brand. Translations and images are often interpreted in different ways and what works in the United States may not be kindly accepted in another country. Even large corporations that spend millions of dollars on marketing have created failing campaigns from lack of research or minor mistakes.

Ready to Expand to China? Don’t Wait to Register Your Brand

By Diana Chan |
Because of the sheer number of people (and potential consumers), businesses are often drawn to the idea of expanding their brand and marketing their products in China. But businesses should be wary when taking their brand to China especially if they have not yet registered their trademark in China.

The First Step To Globally Protect Your Trademark

Unlike most countries, the United States follows the first to use rule when protecting trademark rights. This rule states that the trademark rights belong to the first party who uses the trademark of a certain product or service in commerce. In the United States, federal registration of a mark is not mandatory but can save time, money and prevent future infringement problems. Most countries enforce the first to file rule, which protects the trademark rights of the first party to file an application and receive registration for a certain product/service.