Know What You Stand For

Originally posted 2013-03-06 17:52:51. By Tasha Schmidt | Do you have a company or a brand that you have started? Are you aware of how you appear or what you stand for to people around you? In our day in age, not only should you be aware of how you are being viewed as […]


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The expression “Public domain” is generally used with reference to the works that belong to everyone and are available for public use. The concept comes from copyright law. It identifies those creative works that are not protected by copyright and thus may be used freely by the public. In other words anyone can copy them or modify them or generally use them in any way they wish.

The Red Sole

In September 2012, the suit was brought to court again, and this time, the court recognized Louboutin’s trademark for having “secondary meaning” by way of the contrast between the red sole and a different color on the rest of the shoe. Still, because the YSL shoes in question were entirely red, not just on the soles, the court permitted continuing sale of the shoes.

Why Retailers Like Nasty Gal And Forever 21 Get Away With Knockoffs

Why Retailers Like Nasty Gal And Forever 21 Get Away With Knockoffs

Originally posted 2015-06-08 11:56:44. (By Kelsey Laugel – At the 2015 Billboard Music Awards in May, Nasty Gal, an American-based retailer that specializes in providing more affordable versions of designer clothing, claimed credit for Taylor Swift’s white Balmain jumpsuit. For comparison, the average Balmain jumpsuit can cost anywhere from $2,000 to $6,000 while the […]

Chanel Sues Chanel

Chanel, the corporation, claimed that Chanel’s Salon, LLC and Chanel Jones committed trademark infringement and trademark dilution of its brand name CHANEL. Because Chanel Jones used the trade names CHANEL’S SALON and CHANEL’S COSMETOLOGY SALON without Chanel’s permission, the industry filed a lawsuit alleging that she impinged on the company’s intellectual property rights. Prior to the lawsuit, Chanel sent a letter requesting Chanel Jones to change the name of her salon but there was no response and attempts to settle the dispute were unsuccessful.

Norwegian Men’s Underwear Company Trademark Too “Vulgar”?

The brand under investigation “Comfyballs”, established in Scandinavia in 2013 has been since expanding in Australia, New Zealand and UK. “Comfyballs” uses a design called PackageFront, which is supposed to reduce heat transfer and enable freer movements. The Norwegian brand was planning to release its product onto the US market this year but the USPTO has denied the company’s application to register the trademark in the US judging the name “vulgar”.

Battle of Ear Logos: Disney and Deadmau5

The famous mouse ears logo is in the middle of a vicious battle between the giant Disney and Deadmau5. The firm has started a legal fight against DJ Deadmau5, pronounce as “Deadmouse” claiming his logo is too similar to their Mickey Mouse ears symbol. Disney has filed papers to prevent the attempt of registration of the mark consisting in a mouse head with black ears, black face, white eyes and white mouth.

Preserving Originality in Branding through Trademark Protection

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Originality is the cornerstone for building a formidable identity for a brand. Marketers, branding professionals, entrepreneurs and the like spend a great deal of time brain-storming the elements that would ensure that a brand is memorable and readily identifiable by its consumers and potential consumers. Furthermore, the originality of a brand’s identify is the greatest reputational asset that any business can possess and it must be preserved and protected.