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Coke’s “Zero” victory in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

A three-judge panel on the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Trial and Appeal Board (“TTAB”) granted Coca-Cola rights to trademark the term “Zero” for its soft drink products. This decision was a major victory for the company. Since 2003, Coca-Cola has been trying to win exclusive rights to the no-calorie beverage brand name-and they finally hav

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Doing the Most!: 50 Cent Expands Empire with New Disney Deal

Curtis “50 cent” Jackson is the classic rags to riches tale. He grew up on the streets of Jamaica Queens, NY, where he was shot 9 times, and managed to survive the encounter. One could make an argument that the 39 year old rapper was destined to give the world something great. Not only has the mogul churned out one of the best-selling rap albums of all time with his debut “Get Rich or Die Tryin” in 2003, but he has also become a successful actor, and one of the most savvy business men in the music industry. In conjunction with his condom brand, entitled “Magic Stick”, and one of the most lucrative beverage deals in history with his “Formula 50” Vitamin Water, the multi-talented Jackson has now entered the audio industry with a new headphone deal with Intel, SMS Audio, and Disney.

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Terms of Use And Copyright Infringement

Despite the internet’s universalizing concept, online activities are closely monitored by the law established in each country, and an imbalance in copyright infringement policies, which govern the online activities, can result in misjudging the user’s benign intentions.

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Another Fashion Design Steal? Designer Leggings

Designer for Atelier de Geste, Beau Rhee was surprised to find one of the models in John Galliano’s debut show at London Fashion Week wearing a two-toned legging design that she featured in her own collection. Rhee watched the fashion show on Monday to see the Maison Margiela fashion show and was excited for the new haute couture fashion designs. Unsure whether the similar designs were simply coincidence or mere imitation, Rhee posted the pictures on Twitter and Instagram to receive her followers’ opinions.

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By Eliana Rocchi | amdlawgroup.com
The expression “Public domain” is generally used with reference to the works that belong to everyone and are available for public use. The concept comes from copyright law. It identifies those creative works that are not protected by copyright and thus may be used freely by the public. In other words anyone can copy them or modify them or generally use them in any way they wish.

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