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Nintendo Found Guilty of Patent Infringement

Originally posted 2013-03-14 18:32:46.

By Tasha Schmidt | amdlawgroup.com

In past blog entries, a case regarding glasses-free 3D technology was discussed on whether or not Nintendo was guilty of patent infringement against former Sony Employee, Seijiro Tomita. The jury ruled in the employee’s favor, and Nintendo is now ordered to pay $30.2 million in damages to Tomita.

Tomita’s attorney, Joe Diamante, argued to the U.S. District Court in Manhattan that Nintendo used the technology that Tomita had developed. He stated that he had showed a prototype to seven Nintendo officials in 2003. And he claimed that his work went into helping them create the present technology currently in their 3DS technology. Tomita, back in 2008, had already patented his 3DS technology.

The defense attorney claimed that this was only a meeting regarding one of multiple meetings the publisher hosts in regards to the current 3DS technology development. However, it seems that the jury felt like Tomita’s invention was used wrongly and his case filed against the Nintendo U.S. unit in 2011, for patent infringement, appears to be a success.

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