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  • Intellectual property portfolio management (maintenance)


Managing a collection of patent applications (related/unrelated) owned by the same applicant.



  • General Intellectual Property Portfolio review ~including monitoring


Review of existing Intellectual Property portfolio and regular monitoring.



  • General Intellectual Property Portfolio Management (trademark and copyright) ~ including monitoring


Management and monitoring of trademark and copyright portfolio and brand monitoring



  • Patent Portfolio Management


Maintenance of deadlines for office actions

The journey does not end at the filing of a patent application. The US Patent Office has certain requirements as far as submitting timely documents is concerned. Especially for pro se applications, this service is of most use, since the client need not worry about the application once filed as we take the responsibility of maintaining deadlines and sending reminders until the grant/reject of the application.



  • Intellectual property strategy




  • Trademark strategy


Developing a global brand can be challenging but very exciting.  Our consultation regarding trademark strategy will guide you towards making sure that the brand you build is sustainable and everlasting. Trademark strategy is a safeguard for your brand but it also gives you confidence when marketing internationally by guiding around the global pitfalls of inter-cultural brand communication.



  • Pre-patent novelty search with guidelines to modify


Our search will be a comprehensive output of the results available at the most primary source, the USPTO database. The guidelines will include notes on how to modify the invention from a probable patent grant point of view, as most often there is a difference between what an inventor may consider as an “invention” versus what the patent office can grant.



  • Pre-Patent report


This report comprises of a comparative study of inventions closely similar to the client’s invention, in order to understand the path adopted by the patent office in granting, rejecting or opposing those applications. This will advantage the client from repeating the flaws performed by previous applicants. It is an absolutely factual report with statistics if necessary and therefore can be used by the client as a strong supporting document to explain the merits of their invention to an interested party such as an investor.



  • Report of modification from a patent law perspective


This is a very useful service when a client has an idea, or has formulated an invention but is unsure of patenting and even if the inventor believes it is patentable, since we analyze the invention from the patent office point of view warning every fault and encouraging every developing step towards a potential patent.



  • General consultation – IP general


We encourage applicants to take charge of their applications and to be greatly involved, in view of the same we offer any consultation related to a point of law or procedural understanding as patent law can be complicated for the applicant to understand. Additionally, if the applicant finds it burdensome to define the path towards filing an application and beyond, we offer complete guidance.



  • Education and information




  • Monthly news feed – trademark and patent


There is no better way to keep in touch with a field than a monthly news feed! We encourage our clients to be connected with the legal norms related to their inventions. We, therefore, interpret the legal language and update our clients with all major advances in the field of patent law through simple and short articles!



  • Global entrepreneurship consulting (this would include benefit corporations in the US and international social entrepreneurship) (establishment, advice)
  • Corporate formation and direction consultation


Setting up a scalable business or a born global entity at the onset is possible at corporate formation.  Our guided consultation will assist you in solid formation at the beginning.



  • Evaluation of Social entrepreneurship (includes market research)


Social entrepreneurship is more that just a “on-trend” buzz phrase, it is the evolution of global business. Let’s us evaluate where your business resides on balancing the scale between revenue and the greater good of the planet.



  • Global luxury portfolio management (more expansive management may include social media)


The luxury product/service market is a multi-billion-dollar segment year after year.  The market has special and unique needs.  Our global luxury portfolio management service is tailored towards the market and address concerns from brand enforcement to counterfeit exports.


  • Exclusive Research services


  1. a) Market research for the brand based on specific guidelines provided by the client
  2. b) Legal research on similar brands to understand the validity and scope of brand in question
  3. c) Background research of Intellectual Property associated with a brand
  4. d) Strategic research and product development
  5. e) Conducting research in concentrated areas and directions as requested by the client
  6. f)   Evaluating brand value based on the associated Intellectual property
  7.         Usually involves evaluation based on the timeline available to the existing IP protection; number of licenses entered into.
  8.         A brief study may also be performed on the existing markets of the product/process involved depending on the case.


  • Intellectual property portfolio management (maintenance)


  1. a) General Intellectual Property Portfolio review
  2. b) General IP Portfolio Management (trademark) ~ including monitoring
  3. c) Patent Portfolio Management

Maintenance of deadlines for office actions


  • Intellectual property strategy


  1. a)    Trademark strategy
  2. b) Pre-patent novelty search with guidelines to modify
  3. c) Pre-patent report