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Terms of Use And Copyright Infringement

Despite the internet’s universalizing concept, online activities are closely monitored by the law established in each country, and an imbalance in copyright infringement policies, which govern the online activities, can result in misjudging the user’s benign intentions.

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This past week stirred a major storm for Facebook and the lack of trust with their security on the social media platform.  Will businesses start looking away from marketing on Facebook and their associated platforms, to other competing platforms like LinkedIn?  How safe do businesses now feel as a result of knowing that the Cambridge Analytica breach which was discovered in late 2015, but is only now surfacing, three years later?

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Price for Violating Social Media Ban

The serious risk of harm or death to people who are, correctly or incorrectly, identified as the two men was addressed on behalf of the public’s interest.

This decision demonstrates the far-reaching consequences of online actions, especially, for being in contempt of court. And Harkins and Liddle’s case illustrates enforcement of law in the Internet age.

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What is Cyber-Squatting?

During the early years of the Internet, when businesses did not fully understand the marketing value of the Internet, there were some who saw the profit opportunity of claiming ownership of a domain name that they did not intend to use. These individuals would often register the domain name of a successful company in order to sell them back to the business at a significant markup or squat on the domain until it was sought by the successful company.

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Spied on By My Cell

Just when you thought you were unplugged, little do you know you’re being stalked!

Even if you are sure you powered down your phone for the night, Android spyware can use your phone to record your voice, and your camera to take video or pictures without your knowledge.

According to research from AVG a well known app for scanning phones and computers for viruses and malware, uncovered this malware and named it Android/PowerOffHijack.A.

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Is ICANN Obligated to Police Piracy?

With ICANN refusing to suspend new gTLD registries with piracy issues in their domain, a fight has broken out between domain companies and intellectual property interests and a solution seems hard to find.

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