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Social Media

Brand Interaction: Take it from a Millennial

By Christina Severino | amdlawgroup.com
Although Baby Boomers still control roughly 70% the U.S.’s total disposable income, targeting “Gen Y” consumers is still a necessary evil for all brands. Generational gaps (both economically and socially) have turned the tables on brands, who are now struggling to keep up with the flighty and sometimes unpredictable behaviors of “Gen-Y”. A 2013 survey by Accenture.com claims that Millennials who use social media are 28% more likely to make a purchase because of a social media recommendation. It is not enough that they simply “like” the brand to make them loyal customers.

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Price for Violating Social Media Ban

The serious risk of harm or death to people who are, correctly or incorrectly, identified as the two men was addressed on behalf of the public’s interest.

This decision demonstrates the far-reaching consequences of online actions, especially, for being in contempt of court. And Harkins and Liddle’s case illustrates enforcement of law in the Internet age.

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How Often To Post On Social Media

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Today’s expansion of social media websites has created a lot of new opportunities for companies to promote their brand, allowing for new forms of interactivity with countless customers simultaneously. At the same time, though, social networking websites like Facebook or Twitter also make it easier to lose control over one’s brand as anyone can create a Facebook or a Twitter account that contains the company’s brand name or engage in unauthorized uses of their trademark and the magnitude of information going through those websites is hardly easy to control. Here you can find some tips that will help in devising a safe and effective social media strategy without endangering your brand.

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How to #Registeryourhashtag

By Ann Marie Sallusti | amdlawgroup.com
Hashtags are any word or words that have the pound (or hash) symbol in front of them. They are used to get certain words to trend on the Internet via twitter, instagram, Facebook and other social media networks. Anything can be a hashtag. For example, #mybrand, #awesome, #dolls, #trademark, and #fashion. Hashtags can be used to trigger discussions via twitter and other social media websites. A user can register their hashtag using the twubs website and track the use their hashtag receives from the Internet and social media networks. Hashtags can help get a user circulate his/her idea across the market. Additionally, hashtags can emphasize a point the user is trying to make about an event in the world or a personal experience.

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The billion dollars app boom is far from being over! A recent study carried out by GIGAOM for the European Commission (https://ec.europa.eu/digital-agenda/en/news/sizing-eu-app-economy) shows how apps are going to substantially contribute to the future global economy and how app developers are going to take the global lead. It is important, for app developers, to know how to obtain protection for their ideas at first, and in the end for their developed apps.

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YouTube Refuses to Remove Songs

Amid threats from one of the most prolific managers in the music industry, Irving Azoff, YouTube has refused to remove roughly 20,000 songs from its website. Azoff represents many of the artists whose songs are still made available on the site.

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Celebrity Fashion and Street Fashion: Brand Awareness for Luxury Brands

By Diana Chan | amdlawgroup.com
When it comes to celebrity fashion, people are wondering what brand celebrities are wearing especially at red carpet events like the Golden Globes or the Oscars. One of the reasons people are so drawn to watching these events are to see what celebrities are wearing. The first questions media outlets ask are related to what the celebrity is wearing. And the response is almost always a luxury, high-end designer. For emerging luxury designers, having their brand identified with a particular celebrity enhances their recognition and puts their brand in the spotlight, giving designers a chance to showcase their brand. Celebrity fashion also goes beyond red carpet events and focuses on what celebrities wear in their day-to-day lives. As social media closely follows celebrity trends, brand awareness can be magnified through photos of what celebrities are repeatedly wearing and comparisons among what trends celebrities are embracing.

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